Project Description

Poacha takes the guess work out of recruitment and allows Candidates and Employers to connect on a friendly, easy to use platform.  Candidates benefit as people can view their details, while still remaining in control of who gets in contact with them and who has their details.  Employers who use Poacha benefit by saving money by not using expensive, flooded forms of recruitment such as traditional job ads.

Poacha had two components:

The website

The Poacha website was put together using a custom theme for WordPress.  Designed by Black Butter Creative, the website features the best of Poacha, as well as giving employers and candidates alike a bit of a feel for how the system works.

The Search engine

The candidate registration tool and employer dashboard are all built using the ASP.NET MVC framework, using the latest technologies and continues to remain that way.  As development partners of Poacha we make sure the system keeps running as it should and are always on hand to answer questions or make slight modifications to the system.