Mobile Apps are great way for your business to embrace the cloud and reduce a lot of unnecessary admin overhead and paper use.

See how a Mobile Application from Viva IT Services can help improve your business' mobile efficiency.

How we work

Initial Consultation

After contacting us we’ll sit down with you to discuss exactly what you need from your application – what you’d like it to do, what it needs to connnect with, and in return we’ll give you a rough idea of what we can provide to you.  From here we’ll provide you with an obligation free quote – a small document listing what we can do, how we’ll do it and how much it will cost you.  This is your indicative price guide.


After you’ve had a read through, been impressed by the level of quality we pride ourselves on, and agreed to engage us to deliver your solution – we’ll then begin to fully scope out the app, finishing with a Application Specification Document.  This document is in essence your contract – it’ll explain what we’ll deliver, what it’ll look like, any key points that we both will need to know about, and most importantly, the price and delivery date.

Development and Testing

Once this document is approved we get to work.  We use the Agile methodology of developing software, which means as we develop each part of the app, we’ll give you a test harness that you can look at.  You can play with it, try it out, suggest changes and ask for issues to be resolved.  By the time this process is finished, we should have a completed application, delivered to or above specification, and one that hopefully exceeds your expectations!


Once all is ready to go, we’ll help you organise for it to be delivered to your chosen application publishing tool – whether that’s through iTunes, the Google Play store, or directly onto your devices.  We give you a warranty period, usually relative to the length of the software development project itself, during which any small changes and defects are resolved ASAP.  This gives you a window to try it out to make sure it all works according to how you want it to.

After Implementation Support

When it’s live and people are using it, we’ll be here to fix up any software-related issues that are found, and we’ll also be here to help you out with changes to your app.  If you want a new piece of functionality – that’s not a problem!  We’ll design and develop it for you – to the same level of quality you saw during the initial development of the software.


Our customers often ask us if we can integrate the custom software application they’ve built into a mobile application.  Our answer is YES!

Whether you’re looking to build a new application for any function you need, or you’re looking to integrate a current application into a mobile application, we have the expertise you’re looking for.

Our specialist Mobile App team can design, develop and test your application for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.

For an obligation free quote for your mobile application request, contact us today.

The Result

Thanks for the great service and support from Viva IT. I am a completely happy customer and glad to be a client.

Susie Pollock
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